Teen's Friends Force Him to Get a Tattoo, But Why Did He Choose THIS One?

mcdonalds tattooA lot of us have gotten dumb tattoos when we were young and foolish. I know one grown woman who has Tweety Bird on her pelvis, and another who has a dolphin jumping out of the water in front of a rainbow on her shoulder. But the 18-year-old who just got a tattoo of a McDonald's receipt on his forearm has to take the cake.

Apparently, Stian Ytterdahl of Norway lost a bet with his friends and he was given two choices: To get a Barbie tattoo on his butt or a Mickey D's receipt on his arm. He, clearly, chose the latter. And now he gets to live the rest of his life with a receipt for a soda, a cheeseburger, and "non-stop Flurry" on his body.

May seem all "ha ha" now. But if this dude becomes a parent, hooo boy, this tat is going to be a pain in his forearm.


Lemme tell you something, Stian, lots of kids dislike eating healthy when they're young. They'd rather go to cheap, greasy joints that have ball pits and other unsanitary corners. And for parents, that's a huge pain. You want your children to eat the fresh, organic, labor-intensive meal you prepared for them that you were sure they'd like. Having evidence of your unhealthy ways when you were a lad permanently on your arm is surefire way to have a constant chorus of But you ate it when you were young, Daaaad! Good luck with that, buddy.

On the flip side, if and when you do have kids, you could always get a giant X tattooed on top of your existing tattoo. That'll show the kids that fast food is bad. But then you'd have a tattoo of a McDonald's receipt with an X over it permanently on your arm. I didn't think it was possible, but that could be a dumber tattoo than the one you have now.

What do you think of this tattoo? Do you have any tattoos you regret?


Image via Sabelink Tattoos/Facebook

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