Channing Tatum Makes Dying Teen's Number One Wish Come True (VIDEO)

Channing TatumEveryone knows Channing Tatum is one hot papa, but did you know he is one helluva sweet guy too? And did you know he goes by "Chan"? I didn't know, but Alisa Finley, an 18-year-old from Colby, Kansas, knows. In fact the teen, who has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, is on smooching terms with the Magic Mike hunk -- at least via video. Facing the devastating reality that she might not be here much longer, Alisa made a bucket list of 48 things she wanted to do. Number one on that list? Kiss Channing Tatum.


Word got back to Channing, who made a couple of videos to send to Alisa -- one at the Oscars, where he and his wife, Jenna, sing to her. In another, he blows a kiss at her.

Her bucket list, which she has posted on Facebook and which friends and strangers alike are helping her achieve, now says "almost done" next to her "Kiss Channing Tatum" item.

Check out Channing's video:



It's always nice when celebs take a moment out of their day to make people happy -- whether it's Christian Bale visiting Boston bombing victims or One Direction sending a video to a shooting victim. Celebs can often be counted on to make someone who admires them just a little happier.

Judging by the comments on Alisa's FB page about Channing, this definitely made her day quite a bit brighter -- and she totally deserves that. Alisa's dad wrote:

It was so wonderful of Mr. & Mrs. Tatum to make this for my sweet baby girl ... So I am sure Alisa knows how special and wonderful she is. She is a blessing and a role model for us all. I love you Princess, Dad.


Alisa has been placed on hospice care. But we are all still pulling for her.

Is there a celeb you would want on your bucket list?


Image via Alisa's Butterflies/Facebook

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