Disgusting Teen Twitter Account Suspended But That's Not Enough

A heinous Twitter account has been suspended for promoting the lewdest of lewd teenage behavior. @LIPartyStories, which had more than 25,000 followers, tweeted pictures of high school students from Long Island in various states of sobriety and dress.

Some of the shocking photos featured veiled threats of rape, inebriation to the point of needing a stomach pump, and even one of a teen girl in a tiara peeing in a sink. Lots of passed out naked folks as well.


It's not known if the owner of the account is a single person or a group of posters, or if it's an adult or fellow high school student. Whoever was running it did respond via direct message to the New York Daily News. They said, “Listen, we simply made this page for something kids can look at and have a good laugh ... the pictures we post are pictures we are being sent.”

They said that they do honor removal requests and don't seem to think it's a problem to post the photos that they do. “If kids had a problem with these photos they wouldn't [have] sent them to us, and if they did they should [have] contacted us,” they said.

Before @LIPartyStories was suspended, the owner claimed that posting the pics was a service of sorts to the teens of Long Island and vowed to "up the ante."

The news articles and reports have gained us 8000 new followers in the past 2 days. We are promising that we will not stop ... Every teenager across long island looks forward to our posts, we are not promoting anything bad, we simply post pictures.

No, tweeting pictures of Grumpy Cat complaining about various first world problems is simply posting pictures. Posting photos of kids getting high, passed out teens, naked high schoolers ... that's just disgusting.

It speaks to the larger matter at hand that so many pictures remained on the page when the owner claimed to honor removal requests. Given the number of followers combined with the gossip mill that is high school, these kids would have to know their pictures were on the Internet.

What if a 16-year-old girl started passing out naked photos of herself to passersby on the street? Don't you think we'd be outraged and do whatever we could to teach her that that is not acceptable behavior? Why is it any different in the digital age? Sure, there are people upset by it, but not nearly to the level they might be in the hard copy scenario.

Psychiatrist Keith Ablow thinks that a hard line needs to be drawn with these kids. He wants their social media accounts deleted, their schools to suspend them, and their parents to ground them. And most importantly, he thinks they should all have a psychiatric evaluation, because this behavior may be indicative of a budding personality disorder. He wrote:

Why take such seemingly dramatic steps? Because every, single teenager who sent out a photograph of himself or herself involved in sex or obviously drunk or on drugs via @LIPartyStories is emotionally disordered -- probably suffering with one or more symptoms of a brewing personality disorder (narcissistic personality disorder), very possibly depressed, likely abusing alcohol or drugs or both and very likely addicted to at least one very potent drug: the Internet.

Wowza. It does seem pretty drastic, but I get it. Unless we do something to curb the cavalier attitude of teenage lasciviousness on the web, it's just going to keep getting worse. Teenagers need to learn values and self-control -- they don't need a picture of themselves throwing up into a trashcan on the Internet.

Do you think accounts like @LIPartyStories are dangerous for teenagers?


Image via Vincent Noel/Flickr

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