Teen Climbs to the Top of the World Trade Center & Snaps Selfie

wtcTeenagers do stupid things. They do this in part because they are human beings and, as such, have been known to make errors. But they also do this because making giant, whopping mistakes nearly as often as you take breath is part of how teenagers learn. But there's a difference between sneaking a beer out of dad's fridge in the basement and, say, breaking into the World Trade Center under cover of nightfall, climbing to the top, and spending hours taking photos.

A 16-year-old boy from New Jersey is in a world of trouble today after doing just that. Not the beer one. The World Trade Center one. I mean, naturally. The kid, a known daredevil, sneaked onto the site, possibly disguised himself as a construction worker, and slipped past a sleeping guard in order to take the risky pics, which he then tweeted. Because, you know, he's a teenager.


Overlooking the more galling aspects of this from a security standpoint is nigh on impossible. Clearly, unless this kid is a veritable genius (and based on his behavior, I'd say it's clear he's not), security has to be re-evaluated at the site. It's pretty scary how easy it was for the kid in question to gain access. But it's not as scary as the dude's behavior itself.

Part of me thinks that it's ballsy moves like these that distinguish the exceptional kids from the pack. But then the rest of me wonders what the hell inspired his behavior. Reports indicate that this isn't the first time the kid has tried such dangerous stunts.

What's driving him? It's got to be more than the basic rush of adrenaline that accompanies such antics. As his parent I'd be desperate to figure out what this totally-obvious-literal-demand for attention is all about. Something's going on with him, and they need to suss it out before he puts himself in a dangerous situation again and the outcome isn't so lucky.

Do you think the teenager is an adrenaline-junkie or that there's something else going on?


Image via Matthew Straubmeller/Flickr

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