Teens Cut Class & Wind Up Saving 94-Year-Old Woman's Life

Not that any of us ever cut class when we were in high school, but (cough, cough) those of us who did probably wasted a whole lot of time goofing around at the park or stuffing our faces with fast food. That might have been the initial goal three 17-year-old seniors from California had in mind this week when they broke out of school in search of McDonald's burgers and fries, but they decided to make a little pit stop on their way to the restaurant -- in order to save a 94-year-old woman and her dog from a house fire.


Garen Kissoyan, Peter Kravariotis, and Kirill Yantikov would be in nothing but hot water right now for ditching class, if they hadn't made the heroic decision to stop their car when they noticed smoke billowing out from the back of a house. Owner Dianna Davis told them her mother was stuck inside of the burning home, and without thinking twice, the teens ran into the house and found the elderly woman sitting in a chair covered in soot, her 18-year-old dog by her side. She was reportedly shouting, over and over again, "I'm on fire," and Kissoyan said the place was burning so badly you could barely see the woman.

The senior is reportedly in critical condition at the burn unit of a hospital. It took firefighters 45 minutes to put out the horrific blaze, and during that time, the boys returned to school only to be confronted by their angry principal -- who had video footage of them escaping the building!

I love the fact that, even though they're being hailed as heroes -- and they certainly are -- they're still going to have to pay for cutting class. They've been told they'll have to commit themselves to four hours of voluntary service. And, can I just say, that sounds like a far better and more worthwhile "punishment" than sitting in a classroom at 3 o'clock to serve detention. Bless this principal!

Given the fact that they are just 17, you honestly have to hand it to these boys for not thinking of themselves first or whether they'd get in trouble for cutting when they decided to stop and help out. Their good instincts serve as a pretty fair indication that they're probably just decent kids who happened to crave McDonald's and a break from the school day.

If you were their principal, would you have let these teens off the hook for cutting, given how they saved this woman's life?


Image via Loco Steve/Flickr

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