10 Inspiring Celebrity Quotes on What It Means to Be a Little Girl AND a Leader​

Beyonce Ban BossyIf there's a little girl in your house, no doubt at some point she's tried to stick up for herself. But what word would you use to describe her when she does it? Be honest: have you called her bossy?

Maybe you'll be surprised to hear it, but when you plug "bossy" into a thesaurus, the words spat back at you are all negative: domineering, high-handed, domineering. Is that really what we think of our daughters just for sticking up for themselves? For having dreams? For speaking out?

Calling girls negative names for being leaders has gone on far too long, and powerful women around the world have had enough. Celebrity women who were called "bossy" when they were kids have signed on to Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's Ban Bossy Project to tell your girls that it's OK to be strong! 


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Have a daughter, niece, cousin or other little girl in your life who's been called bossy for being herself? Maybe the words of Jennifer Garner, Kate Couric, Michelle Obama, and other incredibly strong women will help her feel more secure in being ... her!

Which of these messages do you most want to share with your daughter? Number 9 is a tough one, but so important!


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