‘Ugly Selfies’ Make Teens Look Gorgeous

ugly selfieA new social media trend is making teens look ugly -- and I mean that literally. Girls are revolting against the sexy glamourpuss selfies of Instagram with something way more fun and inventive: "Ugly" selfies, in which you make yourself look as unattractive as you possibly can. Think tucked-in chins, googly eyes, messed-up hair, contorted grimaces. They're hilarious, and even better, they give us hope for the next generation.


I saw the trend surface on Reddit about a year ago on PrettyGirlsUglyFaces -- and now, say goodbye to the next hour or so of your life because there is much silliness going on there. I mean, the creativity ... it's impressive.

Anyway, I love this for so many reasons. First of all, it's rebellion against the tyranny of "perfect" selfies. Females need a break from the pressure of measuring up to impossible beauty standards -- and even if that break isn't permanent like we want it to be, this temporary break is a great release.

It's also a rebellion against the relentless demands for girls to put themselves out there sexually. It's healthy for girls to explore their sexuality, of course -- but doing so via social media just opens them up to all sorts of creepiness that mostly erodes much of what's powerful and wonderful about them.

And finally, it's just kids not taking themselves very seriously. These poses are easy to do, and the "artistry" involved is pretty obvious. In fact, girls are having so much fun, I've seen guys starting to join in the fun. I don't think boy uglies carry quite the same impact, but still. It's one kind of selfie that won't make parents worry.

Have you noticed the "Ugly Selfie" trend?


Image via pikapikajeww/Reddit

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