​Smart Girl Scout's Mom Lets Her Sell Cookies Outside a Pot Clinic

Girl Scout cookies are so scrumptious they can sell themselves, but it doesn't hurt when the young teen entrepreneur in charge of turning a profit for her troop knows where to find the best customers. Danielle Lei, who is 13, is a Girl Scout from San Francisco who is going to be the next Marissa Mayer. Instead of going door to door selling Samoas and Peanut Butter Patties, she set up shop right outside of a legal cannabis clinic and let her customers come to her. And, boy, she is killing it. Her parents are totally on board here, but are her actions promoting pot use among young people?


Within two hours of standing outside of The Green Cross medical marijuana clinic, Danielle reportedly sold an astonishing 117 boxes of cookies, which is 37 more than she sold during the same time at a local Safeway. According to Danielle's mom, who arranged for her daughter to visit Green Cross, the establishment was more than happy to have her there. A spokesperson even admitted it was a smart idea since marijuana is a well-known appetite stimulant and patients leaving the clinic would have a difficult time resisting tasty treats they could snack on later.

The young teen also has a sister who is a Girl Scout and mom says she takes them all around San Francisco to sell cookies so that they can come into contact with different people and learn about environments that differ from theirs.

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Danielle's mom sounds a lot like the kind of mom I'd love to be, if I could make myself cooler. Not sure who had this brilliant idea -- Danielle or her mom -- but it's a really solid business decision. She isn't selling cookies outside of a crack house -- Green Cross is a legal establishment -- and marijuana is not the same as crack, meth, or heroin.

Even parents who object to recreational marijuana use can teach their children that there are a great many people suffering from diseases who benefit from marijuana. Allowing her daughter to sell cookies outside of a cannabis clinic does not send the message that it's okay for her to smoke pot any more than letting her sell them outside a psychiatric facility sends the message that it's okay for her to use antidepressants.

If you're wondering, the Girl Scouts of Northern California reportedly does not object to Danielle's actions.

What do you think? Is this girl's mom sending a bad or mixed message letting her sell Girl Scout cookies outside of a cannabis clinic?


Image via punctuated/Flickr

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