Parents Should Be Held Accountable for Their Teens' Out-of-Control Parties

It’s a tale as old as teenagers left unsupervised -- when mom and dad are away, it’s time to play. For a lot of teens, that means experimenting with alcohol, drugs, sex, and basically all the naughty things that they’re not supposed to do. I’m going to channel my own mother here and say nothing good happens when you mix raucous, unsupervised teens and alcohol.

That’s why lawmakers in Australia are debating legislation that would hold party organizers and/or parents responsible for wild teen parties that get completely out of hand. Apparently it’s become such a problem there with broken glass in the streets and partiers fighting, throwing things at others, and damaging property that the penalties for such shenanigans could be fines up to $18,150 and three years in prison.


Well that might get people on board to quell out-of-control parties.

Some critics have expressed concern over what happens if their parties get hijacked, but Police Minister Jack Dempsey says that there are provisions to take into account “reasonable attempts” to keep parties safe and under control. In other words, if a bunch of thugs show up and force their way in, you might want to call the cops right away rather than passing them some cheap keg beer and a bong.

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I think this is absolutely responsible. It seems like so many people have no idea what it means to be held accountable these days, and there’s such a lack of respect for other people and their property. I’m glad that someone is telling parents that they’re not off the hook for their teens’ bad behavior.

Every case is different, and I hope that common sense prevails when law enforcement gets involved in these cases, but parents that willfully ignore or even permit or enable out-of-control parties should be held responsible. After all, someone has to teach these kids about personal responsibility and that actions have consequences.

Do you think parents should be held responsible for their teens’ wild parties?


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