Teen Posts 'Selfie' With Dead Body -- What's the Big Deal? (VIDEO)

iphone cameraOh boy. Have you heard about the Alabama teenager who took a selfie with a dead body? Yep. The high school girl was on a field trip to the University of Alabama at Birmingham biology department -- and for some reason she decided to snap a pic of herself smiling next to a cadaver.

She posted the shot to Instagram, then wised up and removed it, but not before a classmate snapped a screenshot of it and showed it to her sister, who then called the school to turn this girl in. (Tattletale.)


Now it's all over the news and the high school and university are freaking out. Some sort of disciplinary action is going to be taken against this girl.

Take a look at this video to hear more.


Ok, so I get it. This was a dumb move on her part, and she never should've taken a photo (let alone posted it to Instagram) with a dead body.

But let's not forget the fact that this girl is just a kid -- and high school kids tend to goof off and do stupid things, especially when their friends are around. Something tells me she was excited about having the chance to skip out on class and go on a field trip, and she and her pals started acting silly, then the next thing you know, the camera came out.

And while I'm not excusing her actions and think she definitely owes the biology department at the university an apology -- I sincerely hope her entire academic career isn't going to be ruined or scarred over this. I'm sure she's a perfectly good kid who had a momentary lapse in judgment. That's all. And since that sort of thing goes hand in hand with being a teenager, I really think this incident is being blown way out of proportion.

Oh, and one more thing -- what in the heck were high school kids doing hanging around cadavers in the first place?!? Hell, it was bad enough when we had to dissect dead frogs in biology class, let alone visit a room full of dead human beings. (I'm just sayin'.)

Do you think this girl deserves to be punished?


Image via Janitors/Flickr

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