1,000 Students Serenade Hotel Guests With 'Star-Spangled Banner' (VIDEO)

hotel balcony

Want to hear something that will absolutely send chills up your spine today? Then you need to take a moment and watch this video of 1,000 high school students singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" at a hotel in Kentucky.

Lined up on the balconies of the hotel's 18 floors, the sound of these kids singing in unison is beautiful, almost a little haunting, and will fill your heart with a sense of American pride.

Here's how the whole thing went down.


Apparently a woman named Michelle Johnson captured the video and said, "So, I’m in Kentucky for work and today when we got back, 1,000 high school students had checked into our hotel. They had been making quite the ruckus tonight, but then did this to celebrate the start of the Olympics. Not the best video, (cause my fear kept me pretty far from the edge) but that’s 18 levels of them singing! Amazing!"

And despite questions over whether or not the video is a) new, and b) actually real -- it's more than worth listening to.

Check it out.


Amazing, right? Pretty please let this video be the real deal. It's just way too moving and wonderful for it to be a hoax.

Actually, who cares if it's legit? I'm going to go back and hit replay so I can feel all tingly and patriotic again.

Did this video give you chills?


Image via wootom/YouTube

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