Autistic Teen Gets Major Surprise When Military Dad Returns From Afghanistan (VIDEO)

military dad autistic teenSometimes kids with autism have difficulty expressing themselves, particularly when it comes to showing affection with hugs and kisses. And that was often the case for Lewiston High School student Caleb Lussier. But what you are about to see is the progress Caleb has made, along with one of the most heartfelt and tear-jerking military reunions I've seen. I gasped. Tears flew out of my eyes when I saw Caleb, who is his school's Public Affairs Officer for the Air Force Junior ROTC, have an unexpected reunion with his father, who was the surprise guest. Caleb's dad, Marine Staff Sgt. Richard Lussier, is a Desert Storm veteran who re-enlisted to help our country and grant the young military men with multiple deployments a break.

He's a hero, that's for sure. Now check out his hero welcome from his son, who is a hero in his own right.


Caleb shared: "I was told we were having a meeting with a war hero, but they said it was classified and they wouldn't tell us who." Turns out it was his dad who came back from Afghanistan for this incredible reunion. That hug! It nearly knocked Caleb's dad off his feet. So much joy!

"I tricked you," his dad told him. "You lied," Caleb said with a smile. Mom Caren called the reunion "amazing" and added, "Because you don't see that from Caleb. There's no hugs, no kissing or touching."

Caleb's teachers and his family have noticed some fantastic strides made by him this year. He is more focused, his grades have improved, and he is expressing himself more. So many accomplishments! 

Admit it: did you get teary-eyed watching this, too?

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