Kid President's Amazing Advice on What Every Child Needs to Know (VIDEO)

kid prezIf you haven't caught one of the viral videos by the "Kid President," you don't know what you are missing. It's this adorable little kid who creates these great little clips about everything from being cute to how to change the world. His latest, however, has to be the best. "Kid President's Letter to a Person on Their First Day Here" sums up every single thing we parents desperately want to teach our children when they come into this world.


This lays it all out for you. Lessons on sharing, coping with disappointment, how to treat others, how to live your life every day to the fullest. Take a look.

And it's not just for our kids. These are lessons we need to remember too. It's so easy for us to forget the simple joys of this life. I know it sounds corny. And in many ways, it is. But you can take yourself back to when happiness was simpler -- singing, dancing, laughing, corn dogs, playing. It warms my heart to think of that kind of childhood for my child.

"Some days gross things will happen, some days awesome things will happen. Some days you will get ice cream. Some days you won't," Kid President says. That is the perfect metaphor for life, don't you think? Because life is filled with ups and downs. Days with ice cream, days without. The point is to teach our kids that things won't always go their way, but to relish the wonderful, joy-filled days that they will experience along the way.

What do you think of this message?

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