Teen's Tearful Reaction to Air Force Mom's Homecoming Is Unforgettable (VIDEO)

military mom and son reunite basketball gameEvery military homecoming is heart-rending in its own way, but one making headlines this week is a tearjerking and hilarious must-watch! 13-year-old Derrick Jenkins hadn’t seen his Air Force mom, Lt. Col. Cotina Jenkins-Sellers, in eight months. She says, “I missed all of football season, of course because I was deployed. I missed the holidays.” But just one hour after returning from the Middle East this Thursday, Cotina was able to surprise Derrick with a bit of help from his San Antonio middle school.

Derrick was playing basketball for his school's team when the referees called a fake technical foul on the opposing coach, giving Derrick a chance at two free throws. And that's when his mom stepped out onto the court, and his hilarious, incredibly sweet reaction was emotional to say the least.

Check it out ...


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LOVE it. You can't help but laugh and then tear up watching this! Too perfect. I just hope Derrick wasn't too mad at his mom for making him shed a few tears in front of his peers. After all, anyone would have the same reaction!

What was your reaction to this surprise military homecoming?



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