7 Tattoos No Mom Ever Wants to See On Her Teen (PHOTOS)

Emily Abbate | Jan 23, 2014 Tweens & Teens

tattoosLike so many girls I knew way back when in high school, I grew up in a household where I knew that if I walked through that front door with a tattoo -- I woulda been sent RIGHT back out to sleep on the street. Frankly, I could understand why. When you're a youngster in your teens, you probably don't understand that tattoos are indeed forever and they need to be chosen wisely. That full-sleeve of Monopoly pieces? Yeah, not the most clever idea.

Granted, not all families are that close-minded. Heck -- if some 18-year-olds are mature enough, their parents may not totally freak out at the thought of them getting inked. With that said though, all tattoos are NOT created equal.

Check out these 7 tattoos you never want to see on your teen's body ... ever:

Do you or someone you know have a regrettable tattoo?


Image via THOR/Flickr