Meet the World’s Worst Teenager

lavishI wasn't a really wealthy teenager. Heck, I'm not a really wealthy adult. I went to high school with folks who came from families who were better off than my own, but for the most part, aside from the odd trendy must-have item, no one really flashed their wealth. That said, this was in an age before social media was huuuuge. Who's to say what might have happened if we'd all been 'gramming?

While I'm sure there would have been a whole lot more selfies going on, I think that would been the worst of it. Maybe the odd sexting scandal. I can't imagine anyone in my world taking to the Internet to flash their insane amounts of wealth and in the process earn the title of "Worst Teenager in the World" like one Instagram user.


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Param (aka 'Lavish') comes from a very well-to-do family in San Francisco. He spends most of his time online flashing photos of favorite things: Gold, Cash, iPhones, Cash, iPhones, and Gold. Did we mention Gold? Because he loves it. And iPhones? Yeah those too. I can't even with this kid. He captions his photos with stuff like, "More money on my chest than in your bank account #30K"

Admittedly, I've got some envy going on. Would that I were but a sassy youth with a copious bank account. But more than that, I'm pleased to say I'm more grossed out that his parents allowed this to happen. He's clearly cut off from his ACTUAL peers and can only connect to strangers on the web -- and even then just by royally grossing them out with his displays of excess.

Money and objects are so clearly front and center for him. Covering himself in a pile of bucks and giving folks the finger? That's not cute. It's even less cute when you think of how many folks there are out there in need of even a fraction of Lavish's wealth. The photos are entertaining (only washing your hands with Pellegrino? That's comic gold), but the reality behind them is just plain sickening.

Do you think his account is funny or tragic?


Image via Instagram

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