Mom of Terrorized Teen Daisy Coleman Takes Unconventional Route to Help Her Daughter

Daisy Coleman, the teen who alleged that she had been raped at a party by a popular football player, and then she and her family were bullied out of town, is reportedly in the hospital with potential brain damage. Her mother, Melinda, reported on Facebook that Daisy had tried to take her life following being bullied on Facebook by girls she thought were friends.


Melinda and Daisy have had a really difficult time lately. After 14-year-old Daisy accused 17-year-old Matthew Barnett of raping her at a party while a friend filmed it, the charges were dismissed by a judge for lack of evidence.

After Daisy was reportedly bullied in school and on social media, and being told she "asked for it," Melinda (who lost her job during the scandal) packed up Daisy and her brothers and moved. Eight months after they left Maryville, Missouri, the house Melinda was still trying to sell was burned down.

Melinda says during this time, Daisy tried twice to kill herself. But after leaving the small town, things seemed to be looking up. Mother and daughter made the media rounds, talking out about rape and bullying.

On Friday night, Melinda says that Daisy attended a party for a brief time. When she returned home, she was apparently slapped with a stream of invective by some online friends who called her a "hypocrite," a "fake and phony," and a "slut." It's unclear why the party would have sparked their ire.

Two nights later, Daisy reportedly overdosed, according to her mom, and is now in the hospital. For awhile, it looked very bad, with Melinda saying her daughter was "not coherent, she makes no sense, she's like a 2-year-old."

It's really tragic how much teen girls rip each other to shreds over social media now. Once was a time when you'd get bullied, but at least you could get away from it at home. Now it just seems to follow you everywhere.

Daisy isn't even in the same town that the incident happened in, yet whatever happened is following her everywhere. Melinda is so desperate to help her teen that she begged Anonymous, who took up Daisy's cause and is the Internet hackivist group that helped expose the Steubenville rapists, to not forget her daughter.

Anonymous probably gets busy and has other things to do, but I can see how a mom would turn to anyone for help -- especially since the police in Maryville did not. Melinda is asking them to track down the iPhone video of the rape that Daisy claims happened. Says Melinda: "If Anonymous really could get that video, it's a slam dunk." She's also hoping the group can track the license plate of a car she says ran her off the road, which she believes was a private investigator hired to tail her.

This mom has been through an extreme amount -- losing her job, her home. She had already lost her husband, who died years ago. She also lost her town, her friends. She's almost lost her daughter a few times.

A new report says Daisy is in stable condition. Hopefully Daisy can get the help and support she needs so this doesn't happen again.

What would you do to help your daughter after something like this?

Here's Anonymous at the time it pledged to uncover the Maryville scandal:

Image via Darnell Revis/YouTube

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