Anonymous Secret Santa Gives Teen With Cancer $1,000 (VIDEO)

Justin CheyThere's no better feeling in the world than giving something great to someone who really deserves it. Well I think it's safe to say that Justin Chey, a 13-year-old battling brain cancer, deserved a little extra somethin' this holiday season. In an absolutely beautiful gesture, an anonymous "Secret Santa" sent The Des Moines Register $1,000 and a typewritten note saying the money was for Justin and his family.

Wow, what an amazingly generous gift. And if that doesn't warm your heart, the rest of Justin's story just might. His mother claims that her son is the glue that holds their family together, cooking and taking care of his grandparents while she works. In the months leading up to his cancer diagnosis, Justin downplayed headaches and nausea because he didn't want to worry anyone. It wasn't until he collapsed in October that the family knew something was wrong.

Shocking, to say the least. But Justin's mother Kelly says that the response of the community has been both shocking, too.


I can only imagine how hard it's gotta be for Justin's mom having the rock of her family, her son, her hero, battling this frightening cancer. With that said -- Kelly must also feel blessed despite the circustances. For someone you don't know at all to reach out with a holiday gift like this, it's magical. Cancer treatment, it's expensive. And for a family who relied on their young son to play an instrumental part in the home, they need this money to function as a unit now that he needs to take a step back.

Lucky for Kelly ever since the young teen was profiled in The Des Moines Register at the end of October, Justin's school and the rest of the local community have been so supportive of their son since they found out the news. Since the profile, about $11,000 have been sent their way, and for that she's eternally grateful.

Listen to Kelly speak emotionally about her 13-year-old son Justin, here:

How have you given back this holiday season?


Image via The Des Moines Register

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