Ungrateful Kids Complain About What They Didn't Get for Christmas

Christmas, though ostensibly all about honoring the birth of a man who preached forgiveness, charity, and the meek shall inherit the Earth, has somehow come to be celebrated by buying as much crap as you possibly can. But still there is never enough crap that can be bought, at least for some people. Especially teens. Check out "didn't get for Christmas" threads on Twitter on December 26 and, lo, chances are, your teens are on there bitching. Prime things they are angry weren't under the Christmas tree? iPhones, Michael Kors watches, Nike sneakers, and cars. (That last would presumably be parked in the driveway.) Alas, these children do not understand what Christmas is all about -- but who can blame them? It's stopped being what it should be about. It's been snatched from Jesus and handed over to the ultimate materialist Santa. Ah well. Here are some ways your kids were griping behind your Twitterless back.



















And then there's this way of looking at it (way to go, kid!):

Ah, well, kids. There's always next year. I'm sure there will be stuff you want that you don't get then either. Meanwhile, parents, take these kids down to a homless shelter and show them how good they have it.


Did you get your kids everything they wanted for Christmas?


Image via milele/Flickr

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