Cringe-Inducing Tissue Review Reminds Moms of Teens to ALWAYS Knock

How many times have you thought about entering your teen's bedroom -- the room you sweat and toil to pay for each month -- only to stop dead in your tracks because you remember that one time you walked in without knocking and caught him (or her), ugh, engaging in some quality alone time? The issue of privacy and how much of it we should give our teens suddenly becomes a major factor once they turn 13 or 14. One writer took on what can be an uncomfortable topic by penning a hilarious review of Kleenex tissues on Amazon that you must read if you're a parent -- and especially if you're raising a teenage boy


Although some news outlets became excited by the idea that this review was written by what would have been the funniest, coolest Christian mom on earth, it was actually posted by James Otis Thatch, who is a children's author. It still brilliantly captures what I'm guessing is the agony moms across the globe face when their little boys hit puberty:

I have a little girl and will soon give birth to a boy, so issues about teen privacy are still a few years away for me. But I can definitely recall doing certain things behind closed doors and praying no one walked in. Teens assume the world behind their bedroom door is theirs, and I am going to do my best to respect my kids' private time when puberty hits. Knocking on doors will save us both a lot of embarrassment. 

And that goes for both teen boys and girls. Most jokes about teen masturbation involve young boys, but let's not forget: girls aren't immune to a little healthy self-exploration. 

Are you careful about knocking on your teen's door and giving him or her privacy? 


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