Teens Make Tear-Jerking Ad About Eating Disorders (VIDEO)

teensIt's a sad truth that eating disorders are a part of life for some teenage girls (and some boys). Even those who are unafflicted by the illnesses aren't numb to the pressures put on girls to be perfect in every possible way. During this stage of development, it's more important than ever for girls to know just how beautiful they are. Unfortunately, that's not a message many of them are capable of hearing.

Two young filmmakers at a private school in Colorado decided to tackle this sensitive and personal issue for a class project. They called their film "You Are Beautiful." It would go on to become a widely viewed PSA. They had no idea that their mostly-silent, powerful little film would garner such notice nor start a series of important conversations. With the help of their film teacher, the two novices made something really special. 


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While the two 13-year-old filmmakers had no personal experiences with eating disorders, they were able to really vividly portray through a series of images just how badly young girls work to fit into the mold of what is acceptable. It struck a chord with their teacher, whose now adult daughter had her own serious issues with food while growing up.

TODAY.com - Teen girls create 'Beautiful' film on eating disorders

As a teenager, no adult could tell me I was beautiful and expect me to believe it. I wonder if I would have responded differently had the message been handed down to me from my peers. Being a teenager can be a time when girls really turn on each other. I wonder if more girls supported each other, like these two did, they wouldn't be able to make an already tough time a little bit easier for each other.

Who taught you the most about self-acceptance?


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