8 Frightening Things on Your Teen's Facebook

FacebookI think it's safe to say that most teens are addicted to social media. In fact, on a good day, I wouldn't argue that it's actually hard for them to decide which one to spend more time on -- Facebook or Instagram (with Twitter being a close third). With all that time online, whether it's on the computer or iDevice, there's a LOT that goes on, and a LOT that goes onto their personal page.

Hello, every parent's nightmare. I mean, come on -- doesn't it at least worry you a little bit thinking of the ridiculous things they're posting on the Interwebs? It should. Thus I present you with 8 frightening things that are definitely on your teen's Facebook:


1. The abundance of selfies: Not just because selfie is the word of 2013, teens (OK, some awkward businessmen and most celebrities, too) love to take selfies. Selfies at the gym. Selfies in the driver's seat. And ugh, my most hated selfie, selfies in a PUBLIC bathroom.

2. The horrible grammar: Why on earth can respectable teenagers write correctly for their classes, but can't translate that text to conversations with their friends? Why does "How are you doing?" turn into "How U DoiN' Ma?!"

3. The frightening abbreviations: I'm all for abbreviations ... when they make sense. You'll be dumbfounded by not just the ways teens shorten words today, but the fact that they all understand the lingo. OMFG BRB TTYS ROTFL FMLTWIA. And no, I won't tell you what the last one stands for.

4. The bathing suit shots: YOU ARE TOO YOUNG STOP IT RIGHT NOW. Ugh, the thought of men your kids don't know ogling them in their teeny bikinis just grosses me out.

5. The "sexy" photos: You know, the ones where they take mirror photos with their girlfriends and post a caption like, "Workin' iT At GymNasTics!!!" Please. Put the makeup down when you put the leotard on.

6. Their likes: Teen like everything. Literally. A friend's photo: Like. A friend likes the band Fall Out Boy: Like. A friend adds their sister as a Facebook "family member": Like AND comment. Seeing how many times your kiddo likes things on Facebook may make you really realize how much their using the social site.

7. The pointless status updates: Teens may be the biggest offenders of using Facebook like a 1990s AOL Instant Messenger away message. Check out their page, and you may be able to figure out EXACTLY what they were doing for the past month. Eeek.

8. Their Facebook check-ins: Sure, you thought they were hanging out at a friend's house, but according to Facebook, they were actually on a tour of the town checking out the mall, the movies, the whole nine yards. You'd think they were smarter than that, eh?

Do you check up on your teen online?


Image via Duncan Andison/Corbis

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