Teen FaceTiming With Soldier Dad Gets Surprise of Her Life (VIDEO)

American flagI'm a sucker for military homecomings. Really, who isn't? But when you throw a kid into the mix, you might as well just leave me in a corner with a box of tissues because I'm in for a good, long cry. You get where this is going, don't you? Just in time for the holidays, I offer you a look at what happens when the soldier dad a teenager thinks is FaceTiming with her from Afghanistan really isn't.

Isn't doing it from Afghanistan, that is. Because Lyla was definitely caught on video FaceTiming with dear old dad, Adam, telling him all about her battle with the flu while staring at his face on her computer screen. Little did she know she could be telling her tale straight to his actual face.

Grab the tissues, folks, you're going to need 'em!





According to a post over on the Welcome Home Blog (seriously, I hope you're an Extreme Couponer if you're going to head over there, because you're going to need about 30 BOXES of tissues if you do), this soldier who came home from a stint overseas was hiding in the family garage the whole time!

That moment when she started realizing Dad was home was when I started to cry, but it's when Lyla went tearing across the floor to throw herself at him that I really lost it.

How about you?

If you were going to surprise your kids, how would YOU do it?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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