8 Most Offensive High School Mascots in the US

Jeanne Sager | Nov 12, 2013 Tweens & Teens

Coachella ArabsThe Washington Redskins' owner's refusal to change the team's offensive name may be getting a lot of national coverage these days, but the NFL team is far from the only one with a mascot problem. A California high school is currently in hot water over its own team name -- kids at Coachella Valley High School play and root for the "Arabs."

Not surprisingly, the name doesn't sit well with the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, which has sent a letter requesting administrators do something about it. That would likely mean getting rid of the school's angry looking mascot ... and the belly dancer who shows up at football games.

Can't believe this exists in a high school in 2013? Just wait until you hear some of the other offensive team names American kids are playing under at high schools across the country.

Would you let your kids play for number 7? What is your kids' school mascot?


Image via Coachella Valley High School

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