Boy Suspended From School for Wearing a Purse (VIDEO)

Skylar DavisBack in middle school, I remember having some serious jealousy issues over the girls who had the real Vera Bradley bags in class when I was carrying my knockoff. Well get this: Skylar Davis, a 13-year-old Kansas boy, was suspended for wearing a Vera Bradley purse to school Wednesday (and a real one at that). Not because the purse had anything harmful inside of it. Not because he was trying to swing that aforementioned purse at anyone or cause anyone any harm. Oh, and for the record, he has been wearing it to school since August.

The story goes like this: An official at Anderson County Senior-Junior School insisted that Skylar take the purse off. Skylar told the assistant principal he wouldn't do it. The assistant principal then called Skylar's mom Leslie Willis to pick him up.

The school says that they have a rule against students wearing bags in class, but according to Davis -- girls at his school never get kicked out when they tote their purses around.

Is that so?


Davis' opinion on the whole thing?

It expresses myself and I think everyone else can wear it, so I wear it as well.

I would understand if the middle school actually stuck by the rule that students can't bring their bags to class. However, if girls are allowed to tote their stuff around, then it seems that Skylar has surely been discriminated against for doing the same thing, simply because he's, well, a he. Especially since Skylar has been wearing the bag to school for a few months now, the fact that he's just NOW being asked to remove it is all sorts of wrong.

On another note: If the administration is suspending Skylar for wearing a handbag, I can't help but wonder what they do to kids who cause REAL problems on campus.

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How would you have reacted if Skylar were your son?


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