Yet Another Scary Reason I Won't Get My Daughter the HPV Vaccine

vaccineI am, generally speaking, not anti-vaccine. I am, however, anti-HPV vaccines. I've been reading about severe side effects since before I even had children, and now that I do, and with all the new information that has come out, there is no way my daughter is getting the HPV vaccine. Earlier this year one of the lead developers of the HPV vax came out saying how Gardasil and Cervarix are not safe. She said the risk to vaccinate for the human papilloma virus outweighs the risk of getting the virus, which can be treated. The vax hasn't been tested enough and 44 girls have died after getting vaccinated.

There is more evidence that this vax is unsafe. Two sisters, who are now 19 and 20, say they are now infertile and going through early menopause as a result of the HPV vaccine.


Madelyne and Olivia Meylor are sisters from Wisconsin who have filed a suit against the makers of Gardasil, blaming the vaccine for causing their ovaries to stop producing eggs. This is heartbreaking for these two young women, and we all need answers as to whether or not the vax caused this. The Meylors have a hearing with the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, a special court that examines these kinds of claims from vaccines.

Merck and Co., the makers of Gardasil, say that there is no evidence to support the sisters' claim. However, the vaccine injury program has shelled out at least $5.9 million to 68 different cases from people who put in claims against the HPV vaccine. So far 63 claims were dismissed and 81 are currently pending.

The Meylor sisters are not only having infertility issues, but symptoms of premature menopause. They were also tested for a few possible genetic causes of these symptoms, but the results were negative, leaving them to firmly believe it's a result of the HPV vax. Both sisters are now on hormone replacement therapy, and hopefully if they want to have children someday, they will be able to thanks to modern medicine. Sadly though, it may be that modern medicine got them in this predicament in the first place.

My daughter will not be getting this vaccine. There are too many claims, too many questions, and too many stories of women with major health issues (some have even died) as a result of being vaccinated against HPV.

What do you think of the HPV vax? Would you vaccinate your daughter? Are you concerned?


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