Parents Overreact When Kids Are 'Segregated' By Grades During Lunch

In case you are still in doubt that we're raising a generation (or two) of narcissistic monsters, take this school in Tennessee that got hit with a bunch of 'rent rage after parents started to think that the school was "segregating" the smart kids and the not-so-smart kids during lunch. La Vergne high school got in hot water after it began taking the kids who needed "academic intervention" aside during lunch and giving them extra help. Some parents weren't happy that their grades-challenged kiddos were being forced to eat elsewhere in the cafeteria. OMG, parents, do you not have anything else to DO?!


Lest you think that the parents weren't really overreacting, here's a reportedly REAL quote from one of these irate 'rents:

I call it a civil rights violation and segregation, no doubt.

Err, what??!!

The school spokesperson explains that the school decided to have the academic interventions over lunch so that the kids' classroom time wouldn't be interrupted ... so they, ya know, decided to give them extra help in a different part of the cafeteria.

So of course this turns into a "civil rights violation." Are you freaking kidding me?? Some kids and parents are even peeved that this time taken away from lunch toward grade improvement impedes on their social time. Oh, boo hoo!

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The kids who want or need extra help can take 25 minutes after lunch and be helped while the kids who don't need it can take that extra 25 minutes and stay eating their lunch. Somehow this turns into MAJOR DRAMA and "forced segregation." OMG, these kids are going to have such a hard time with life, I feel sorry for them! Or, I would feel sorry for them, except they are going to make everyone else's lives so miserable expecting absolutely equal and fair treatment at all times in their lives that I can't feel sorry for them.

If your grades are suffering and you need extra help, get thee to another part of the cafeteria and study and let everyone else eat in peace. Parents, chill out, you crazy twits. You aren't doing your kids any favors. They're going to spend their entire lives being "segregated" based on performance, and they should get used to it now. Oh wait, these are the parents who will sue because their children didn't promoted at work -- and someone else did! Waaahhh!!

I bet these kids are named Princess, King, and Awesome too.

Do you think these kids had their civil rights violated?


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