Boy With Special Needs Scores Touchdown You Need to See (VIDEO)

Keith Orr and the Olivet Middle School EaglesYou can't miss Keith Orr walking through the halls of Olivet Middle School. No, he's not one of the jocks or the popular kids -- he's a special needs student with behavioral and learning disabilities who just loves to hug everyone. Orr got the thrill of his life recently when the players on the middle school football team went above and beyond for their classmate. In a secret plan, made behind the coaches' backs, the students staged an opportunity for Orr to score his first touchdown. A touchdown, a moment, that he'll never ever forget.

A moment that the other middle school football players will never forget, either. Watch Keith Orr and the Olivet Middle School football team's inspiring story, here:


It's clear that Orr isn't the only teen who walked out of this experience feeling happier. These players, they learned how important it is to treat everyone with respect no matter their background, skin color, or whatever the case may be. These football players made one person's day by simply stepping out of the spotlight and giving it to someone else.

I think it's safe to say that their parents are all beaming right now. I think it's safe to say that teens like these, they're the future of America.

Are you tearing up right now? Do you have an inspiring teen in your life?


Image via CBS News

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