7 Faces Every Teenager Makes & Every Mom Knows

teensTeenagers are special creatures. "Creatures" being the operative word. When they hit 12, everyone just puts on their seat-belt, bids adieu to the happy, sweet child they once knew, and grits their teeth through a handful of years living with a truculent, grocery-demolishing stranger.

It's easy to get annoyed when you're providing someone who thinks you're a utter moron with the essentials necessary for life. Luckily, this too shall pass. Or so we tell ourselves while screaming into our pillows each night. Until it does, the best we can do is laugh and enjoy the ride. If you, or somebody you know, has ever come into contact with a teenager, we have a list that might strike a chord. May we present you with 7 faces we think you might recognize 


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1. The Eye-Roll

 kim kardashian

Remember when you thought "hi" was not a totally idiotic thing to say 10 seconds ago? Yeah, good times.

2. The Totally-Mortified-to-Be-Seen-With-You

steve carrell

Oh sure, a ride to school would be awesome, but god help you should you park in front of the school. GOD HELP YOU.

3. The I-Want-Something


Oh sure, they seem cute, but you know underneath that sweetness is a ravenous beast whose hunger is only slaked by $20 and possibly borrowing your favorite coat.

4. The I'm-in-Trouble

homer simpson

The car mysteriously missing a tail-light? Someone spill salsa on the couch and flip the cushion over? Expect this one. Also known as "if I don't move, she can't see me" or the "... maybe I'll just ... tell dad."

5. The Talking-to-My-Crush


They think they're being subtle. You see things, uh, a little differently.

6. The I-Can't-Hear-You


"Clean your room" "Have you done your homework?" These are among two of the phrases likely to illicit exactly this reaction.

7. The You-Aren't-So-Bad-I-Guess


Because even at their worst, they're still yours and every so often remind you of just that.

Does your teen drive you up the wall?


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