6 Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Cringe

Anna Rexia Halloween Costume Surfing the web for Halloween costumes has suddenly become an eyebrow-lifting experience. Alongside Disney princesses and superheroes, come costumes like Anna Rexia (right) and pregnant cheerleaders -- just what every mom is hoping her daughter will be for Halloween.

We're all for funny costumes, but funny and offensive are two entirely different things. The ones we've rounded up here are downright wrong -- definitely more OMG than LOL. What message are these costumes sending kids who can't tell the difference?! And what mother in her right mind would let her child leave the house wearing one?

Take a look and see for yourself. The 5th one will make your jaw drop!

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What would you do if your kid wanted one of these costumes?

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  • Anna Rexia


    Image via HalloweenParty13.com 

    No, this is not a sexy skeleton -- how sexy would that be? This is a positive portrayal of eating disorders, specifically anorexia. With the amount of awareness surrounding eating disorders, one would think this wouldn't be embraced, but it's been on the market for a few years! Just another gimmick showing our girls that losing weight the unhealthy way, is the right way.

    Thankfully, it caused some controversy.



  • Sexy Arabic Woman


    Image via gurl.com

    Come on. Making a mockery out of a culture by turning their traditional garb into a "sexy costume" is insulting. Arabic women already deal with enough limitations in life, and costume creators turn them into sex objects? Just no.

  • Mental Patient


    Image via gurl.com


    The woman pictured is posing as if she's in a fashion photo shoot, do mental patients look like that? No. It's as if costume creators WANT people to be offended.

  • Pregnant Cheerleader


    Image via findcostume.com

    Channeling 'Sugar and Spice' circa 2001 and 'Teen Mom' circa now, this combination is just making light of teen pregnancy. With the help of the young MTV show cast, we are getting desensitized to the concept, but lets get back in touch with REAL reality, and realize that this just isn't funny.

    Note: Pregnant School Girl is also in this same category. Yuck.

  • WWII Evacuee or Anne Frank?


    Image via oddee.com

    Pretending this is cute is just as wrong as originally calling this costume 'Anne Frank.' Yup, that was the original name of the costume, but forget the context of it, World War II Evacuee is so much better right? Especially for young girls. Although the costume was explained, it still seems like there's something wrong with this picture.


  • Naughty Leopard


    Image via oddee.com

    This "Naughty Leopard" costume has already had parents concerned. Little girls (or, TODDLERS) running around their neighborhoods saying they're a naughty leopard is as scary as all Halloween movies combined. Exactly, what deems this costume 'naughty?' And who in their right mind would target this to toddlers?

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