Parents Have Their Kids Arrested for Throwing a Party While They're Away

keg partyIt's the stuff sitcoms are made of: Parents unexpectedly returning home from a trip a day early to find their house has been hijacked by partying teens. As with most clichés, though, this kind of thing actually happens fairly often. Just ask the Connecticut mom and dad who -- you guessed it -- recently returned home from a trip a day early to find that their two daughters, ages 15 and 16, decided to throw a raging keg party in their absence. Couldn't have been toooo much of a surprise, right? 

Except what happened next was most likely a HUGE surprise to those aforementioned party-loving daughters.


Instead of their parents grounding them for life (after kicking everybody around the house, of course), this particular set of parents called the cops ... and had their own kids arrested!! The girls were arrested and charged with "permitting a minor to possess alcohol;" an officer called the parents' rather bold disciplinary move "the right thing to do."

Hmm. The right thing to do? I'm not entirely sure about that, personally. On the one hand, these girls will probably never throw a keg party for a bunch of underage pals again. So, in that sense, disciplinary mission accomplished, parents! On the other hand, this little incident is now on record. Their mugshots will be floating around on the internet forever. Is that really something you want to saddle your kid with, especially right around college application time? I mean, sure, way to drive home the point about actions having consequences and whatnot, but is it really in anybody's best interest to get the law involved in a case like this?

I don't know, maybe I'm just a parental pushover (okay, definitely), but I just can't see giving my kid such a big, official strike against her when she's just starting out in life. Maybe, like, the 5th time she pulled something like this -- but not the first.

Would you have your kids arrested for throwing a party when you weren't home?

Image via Ellen Bucher/Flickr

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