Teacher Who Threw Booze & Condom-Filled Party For Students Isn't As Crazy As She Sounds

boozeRemember the coolest teacher you ever had? For me, it was the history teacher who sat on top of her desk, let us call her by her first name, and bitched about her stuffier colleagues. Well, these days, it takes a lot more to earn cool points with kids. I suppose that was what South Miami Senior High School dance teacher Isabel Diaz-Almaraz was thinking when she threw a party for her students. And this wasn't a cola, pinata, and chips in the classroom kind of soiree. She rented out a penthouse hotel room and provided plenty of booze and condoms for kids she taught. Crazy, right? But not as crazy as you might think.


She was caught after a student posted a photo online suggesting he received from her a party platter full of condoms and booze, booze, including Malibu Rum and Grey Goose Vodka and Jello (presumably for Jello shots).  That caption read, "The you Mrs. D!!"

From there school officials learned that she may have rented a $1,000 a night penthouse suite for her adoring students to party it up. It's no wonder Ms. Diaz-Almaraz was so popular. Kids eagerly described her as "cool" and "fun." First she was suspended without pay, then fired. Not a big surprise. It's outrageous. But there is a silver lining to all of this. I'm serious. I think it's great that she rented a safe place for them to party and then presumably sleep over.  Who wants a bunch of drunk kids on the road in the middle of the night. Having them in one, enclosed space better ensures their safety and that of everyone elses. So, if that was part of her motivation for having the party at a hotel, at least she's not totally out of her mind.

Of course that doesn't negate the fact that giving them alcohol endangers the lives of these children. They shouldn't have been partying like that in the first place. Should she be teaching or working with minors? No, not if this incident turns out to be true. Should she be punished? Yes. But I have to say, if someone is going to contribute to the delinquency of your minor, I suppose this is a tiny bit safer than other possibilities ... but a very tiny bit.

Why do you think this teacher did this?

Image via Melissa Wiese/Flickr

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