Parents Sue School Because 'Genius' Son Was Kicked Out of Algebra Class

Let's pretend your kid is in a math class that is too hard for him. So hard that he's getting a D in class for the first time ever. Would you want him to stay in that class? Or would you want him to stay in it so badly that you'd sue the school board to keep him there? If you're eighth grader Jonathan Hefley's parents, you do the latter. But of course!!

Hefley, who is a genius kid with a 145 math IQ and had always gotten straight A's in math, was moved to an advanced algebra class that was apparently too much even for him. He was struggling and receiving low grades. So the school decided to move him to a slightly easier algebra class. That is when it got sued.


After Jonathan began getting low grades, his parents reportedly began complaining -- of course they did -- and Jonathan was moved to a slightly easier class. But now his parents are suing because they say their genius son is "bored" and that he wants to remain in the other class with his "mathlete" buddies. Apparently no one cares that, you know, he was practically failing out of the class!

The parents -- would you be surprised if I told you they were lawyers -- say that the district has a legal obligation to educate their son and that the easier class wasn't doing that.

This is the thanks the school gets. Before Jonathan was moved, the school had reportedly lined up daily tutoring sessions for him, but Jonathan still couldn't hack it. The class is one that prepares students for math contests, and clearly Jonathan -- or at least his parents -- believe he's a math star who will win algebra contests far and wide.

Only not really.

Here we have a perfect case of the parents caring more about their son's reputation as a math genius than his actual education. Don't they care that a D might ruin his chances of getting into the college of his choice?

They probably don't worry about that because they'll just sue whatever institution rejects him. While this isn't quite as bad as the parents who sued after their son was kicked out of class for cheating, you still get the sense these 'rents are gonna sue the pants off anyone who dares deny their son his rightful place in the pantheon of math geniuses.

Jonathan may indeed be a genius, but that doesn't mean he's up to this particular class ... at least this year.

At any rate, a judge disagreed with Jonathan's uber-sensitive parents, so it looks like Jonathan will be dividing pi in the easier class for awhile.

Do you think these parents went too far?


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