A Mom's Open Letter to the Heartless Bullies of a Special Needs Student

bully textTo the vicious, cruel bullies of special needs high school student Shea Shawhan

Shea Shawhan is not my daughter. I don't know Shea Shawhan personally. You're probably wondering why, in that case, I'm bothering to write you, in particular -- why not simply address bullies in general? The answer is this: Because of all the horrible stories about bullying I've heard in the past several years (and there have been some truly horrible stories), this is by far one of the worst. How anyone could make a sweet, kind teenager with the mental capacity of a child (due to complications during childbirth that deprived her brain of oxygen) the target of their hatred is beyond my comprehension -- beyond human comprehension. But I guess that's the point: As a mom who strives to believe that all young people are good at heart, I feel strange saying this, but I have to wonder if any of you are human at all.


The messages you unrelentingly send to Shea, the incredibly sadistic and twisted words ... you call her "ugly" and "pathetic." A "retarded freak" with "horrible fashion sense." A "slut." You tell her to "go die." What sort of human being would say things like this to another human being, one who never did anything to harm anyone? No human being would. Only a monster.

Surely you were born with a basic sense of compassion. Empathy. When did you lose it? While many would point fingers at your parents here, I'm sure, I will not. Because I'm willing to bet your parents did everything they could to raise you right. I'm sure they cut your sandwiches into triangles and read you bedtime stories and took you to the playground and reminded you to share. No, I'm not going to even suggest this is your parents' fault, because all of you are old enough to know right from wrong. You're just choosing to be horribly, horribly wrong. 

I don't know what I would do if bullies like you ever went after my daughter. I'm afraid I would be a touch less restrained than Shea's mother has been. The Facebook page she's set up -- "I'm With Shea" -- is both a lovely tribute to her daughter and an effective public condemnation of your "pathetic" and "ugly" acts. Yes, I called you pathetic and ugly -- not because I'm a bully, but because that's what you are. Not Shea. You. And I hope someday somebody makes you feel that way.

What would you say to Shea Shawhan's bullies? 


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