Soldier’s Reunion With Family at Football Game Reminds Us Teens Need Their Parents, Too (VIDEO)

ga southern athletics reunites soldierYou can expect something special when you attend Military Appreciation Night at an athletic event. But there was one especially heartwarming thrill to the Georgia Southern Athletics game Saturday night. Three teenage siblings were invited out on the field at Paulson Stadium to record a special message for their father, due back from military service in Korea the next day. The crowd joined the Adams kids in some ebullient Georgia cheers, the perfect welcome back for their dad. Well, little did they know how perfect the cheers were. Turns out their dad was right there, on the field, watching it all!


We see so many military homecomings, and they never lose their emotional impact. But I especially love the homecomings that include teens. Those big kids like to play it cool most of the time, trying to carve out their identity and independence. But underneath it all, teens need their parents just as much as younger kids do. You can tell how much the Adams kids missed their dad and how thrilled they are to have him back.

And with a welcome like that, I think the kids' dad feels very much appreciated. A parent shouldn't have to leave the country for military service in order to find out how much their kids love them. But that absence can really drive the point home -- no matter how old you are, you need your parents.

Are you surprised at how emotional the Adams kids get when they find out their dad is right there?


Image via George Southern Athletics/YouTube

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