10 Conversations That Scare Parents Much More Than the Birds & the Bees

questionsMy fellow American parents, I have a question for you. Why are you so scared of talking about sex with your kids? Is it because the birds and the bees discussion is really that bad, or is it -- just maybe -- because you've been pre-conditioned to be scared of "the talk"?

Think about it. If you're a parent, you almost definitely had sex. And if you plug the words "how to talk to kids about sex" into Google, you get some 252 million responses to help guide you through it.

Could it be that all the sturm und drang about the birds and the bees is clouding what we parents really should be worried about? The other tough topics our kids are just waiting for the day they will spring on us?


I confess I haven't spent enough time thinking about those tough questions myself, but after reading Mom, I'm Not a Kid Anymore, a collection of essays by fellow parenting writer Sue Sanders whose teenage daughter has dropped some doozies on her, recently, I've been focusing a lot more on my answers, prepping myself for the day they will come.

But just to cover my bases, I decided to ask other parents what questions scare them much more than "the talk." There answers provide quite a range of topics you might want to prep your answers for ... now ... just in case:

1. Mom, I'm pregnant. What do I do?

2. Mom, can I get a tattoo? But, you have one!

3. How long they should date/be engaged/etc. before getting married. I knew my husband six weeks, but what was right for us shouldn't be held up as their ideal. For 90 percent, that would be disastrous.

4. Dad, how much pot have you smoked?

5. So-and-so said I'm going to hell because we don't go to church. How do you KNOW we're not going to hell?

6. Why did your family stop talking to you? I thought you said we're supposed to forgive people.

7. What's an abortion? Have you ever had one?

8. My boyfriend said he's going to kill himself if I break up with him. Mom, what do I do?

9. Mom, I am too fat. What do I do about it?

10. Dad, I've been drinking; would you come pick me up now, please?

What topics are you worried about having to talk to your kids about? Have they already come up?


Image via Eleaf/Flickr

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