Young Patients Singing 'Brave' at Children's Hospital Inspires Us All (VIDEO)

patientsSeeing a young child battling an illness just breaks our heart. It's hard to watch someone so young and innocent suffering in any way. But what we need to remember is despite the seriousness of the situation, they are still kids at heart. This fun, whimsical, and totally cool video of the patients at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital is the perfect example of that. Take a look. It's guaranteed to make your day.


I wish we could all be as brave as these kids. They no doubt have some really tough days, but they show how uplifting a positive attitude can be. The entire ward -- patients and staff -- got together to dance and sing along to the Sara Bareilles song "Brave." Get ready to smile:

This should be a much needed reminder to us all to be grateful for even the small things in our lives. These kids are inspiring. I imagine they must relish every opportunity they have to let loose, be silly, and forget about whatever malady has sent them there.

This video is also a testament to what a great medical staff this hospital has. Working with children requires a special mix of patience, gentle spirit, and positive attitude. And the children aren't the only ones who benefit from this. I am sure their parents are eternally grateful too. You can't put a price on seeing your child happy and having fun.

Has a hospital staff ever surprised you by the way they've treated you or other patients?

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