Homecoming King & Queen Candidates Get Banned From Dance for Promoting Safe Sex

condomsIn another sign that doing the right thing can get you in trouble, two kids have been banned from attending their high school homecoming dance over a bunch of condoms. Montana Fulkerson and Dalton Wiggs were running for the homecoming queen and king positions, and they used safe sex as their platform. Laudable?

Not in the eyes of the officials at Mulberry High School. They've disqualified the teens from participating in the king and queen competition and banned them from the dance.


That's right ... the teens said the condoms they handed out, which came with a message that read, "Wrap these votes up. Tana and Wiggs," were meant to encourage safe sex.

Color me confused, but isn't this a message we want teens to be spreading to one another?

I know what it's like to be a mom who worries what her kid is learning from other kids at school. My daughter has come home saying words we would never say in our home, talking about movies we'd never allow her to watch, and asking questions about topics we weren't quite ready to touch (but were forced into because, hey, she was asking). Sadly, I remember being just like my daughter, hearing things from other kids ... and not all of it good, especially the "information" being touted as "fact" about sex when I was a teenager.

Kids tell one another a lot of awful stuff in the name of "educating" one another about sex ed, and I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my kid might listen to it ... and believe it. It's why I believe in educating our kids at home about sex ed, starting when they're fairly young.

Which is exactly why we need more kids like Montana Fulkerson and Dalton Wiggs, kids who are sharing good messages with their peers rather than more myths and innuendo.

It's why we need schools to give kids like these a slap on the back, to encourage more kids to be like them ... rather than terrorizing them with bans from social activities for doing a social good.

What would you have done if your kid brought home a condom given out by another kid at school?


Image via Paul Keller/Flickr

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