Amazing Grandpa Writes Off Bigoted Daughter for Disowning Her Gay Son

ay letterFunny thing about grandparents: As incredibly helpful and loving as they can be, it seems like more often than not, whenever they get in the middle of parent/child interactions their "advice" makes things a million times worse. Or, at the very least, their input doesn't help matters much and usually ends up pissing their kid/grandchild's parent off, big time. Anyway, this is one story where the absolute opposite is true -- to the extreme! This is a story in which the grandparent has every reason (and then some) to question his child's parenting abilities. See, the grandpa who wrote the letter pictured here is, quite possibly, the best, most progressive grandpa ever. In fact, let's just call him St. Grandpa from here on out, okay? 


So, St. Grandpa's daughter -- let's call her Mean & Small-Minded Mom -- apparently kicked her son Chad out of the house when he told her he was gay. (His name really is Chad, according to the letter. Otherwise I would've called him Awesome Gay Son or something.) Horrible, horrible, horrible. And completely heartbreaking. Which is exactly what grandpa thought -- and wrote, intelligently and eloquently, as you'll read. Thank god Chad has somebody on his side!!! 

Now, when I first read this story, I thought, Huh. How interesting, usually grandparents are less progressive than their own kids as parents. But the truly mysterious thing about this situation isn't why the member of a younger generation is the more conservative, it's how this amazing grandfather could ever have raised such a heartless and bigoted daughter. As a mom, I can't even imagine how disappointed and heartsick the man must be. How, how do kids go so far off course?? Here, again, is the letter -- trust me, reading it is worth every second of your time:

gay letter

Amazing, right? Who knows, maybe there's still time for this woman to learn a valuable lesson from her father. Maybe there's still time for her to step up to the plate as a mom. Either way, Chad is going to be just fine, I'm sure, thanks to St. Grandpa.

Is this guy the best grandpa ever or what?


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