Military Dad Brings Son to Tears With Surprise Return at Football Game (VIDEO)


It's easy for teens to take their parents for granted. We are always hovering, asking questions, getting into their business. We never actually give them the opportunity to truly miss us. That's clearly not the case for all those teens with parents in the military. That separation can be agonizing, but it also makes the reunions that much sweeter. Among the most astonishing examples I've ever seen is the surprise return of Master Sergeant Joseph Martel at his son's football game.


With his dad disguised in a football uniform and helmet, the teen had no idea he had returned early from deployment. The reaction is priceless. Get the tissues ready!

No matter their age, this is a reminder just how much our kids need us. There is nothing like that bond. It’s really heartwarming seeing this big, brawny, tough football player break down in complete joy at seeing his dad. Such a special moment -- not just for them but everyone who witnessed it.

Did this bring tears to your eyes?

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