Military Mom Almost Ruins Plans for Surprise Reunion With Daughter & We Totally Get It (VIDEO)

Capt. JR LundI love a good military homecoming video. Who doesn't (no, really, who?)? But I've always wondered how it is that these moms and dads manage to keep themselves from blowing the surprise. If it were me just home from war, I don't know that I could contain myself. That's what I really love about the latest military mom surprising her kid at a football game.

Capt. JR Lund came home early from Afghanistan. She didn't tell her 13-year-old daughter ... so she could manage to surprise her at Saturday's Wisconsin vs. Purdue game. But from the looks of it, Mom almost didn't make it to the game!


Aww! Did you catch the part about how Mom just wanted to go run over and grab her daughter ... but she was trying her darndest to rein it in so she could make the surprise even more meaningful? She almost ruined her own surprise! Maybe it's because she's an Army Reservist that JR Lund is so much stronger than the rest of us?

Or at least stronger than me?

I don't know that I could do it. If I'm away from my kid just for a few days for a business trip, I come home and it's all I can do not to smother the poor thing with love and attention!

Not that JR Lund's daughter isn't getting plenty of that -- did you see the look on mother's and daughter's faces when they finally DID see each other?

Would you be able to hold out to surprise your kid or would you ruin your own surprise?


Image via Wisconsin Badgers/YouTube

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