Teen Turns School Bus Driver In for Texting While Driving (VIDEO)

text bus driver If there's one thing the average teen hates, it's that whole "do as I say, not as I do" form of hypocrisy discipline. Don't get me wrong; I'm plenty guilty of it myself as a parent; I'm just sayin' -- kids hate it. But they LOVE catching wayward adults in whatever forbidden act it is they're supposed to be avoiding at all costs. Case in point? The 14-year-old Florida student who spotted her school bus driver texting while transporting her young charges home. What did the girl do? She didn't look away and pretend it never happened, the way some apathetic, disaffected types might.   She didn't even file the damning info away for when she got home to tell her mom. Instead, the girl pulled out her own cell phone ... 


And the rest is permanently caught-on-tape history. Whoops! Guess which multi-tasking school bus driver is on leave from her professional duties? Yup, the powers-that-be were none too pleased with the (potentially incredibly dangerous) actions of their employee. Thank god! 

"When she showed me the video I just couldn't believe it," said the girl's mom, Venus Cotto-Silva. 

"You're supposed to get them from point A to point B in a safe condition. That's not safe at all."

Indeed -- particularly considering that at the end of the video, the driver seems to make a sudden move as the bus almost veers into another lane!

I just can't help but think how proud Cotto-Silva must be of her daughter, for both thinking on her feet and having the guts (and presence of mind) to turn that bus driver in. Can you imagine the horrible things that could have happened otherwise?

Would you expect your teen to turn in a texting bus driver?


Image via ABC

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