Behavior of 4 Teens Caught on Camera During ‘Break-In’ Will Leave You Speechless (VIDEO)

buddy's small lots teenagersLike most adults well past their own adolescence, I find it easy to become perturbed by teenagers nowadays. Sometimes they release their raging hormones in rather bizarre, maybe dangerous, even criminal ways. But other times you come across a story that lets you breathe a huge sigh of relief that all of humanity will not be lost, like the four teenagers who were "caught" on surveillance cameras paying for batteries, headphones, and sunglasses. Even though the store was closed and there was no clerk present. 

The owners of Buddy's Small Lots in Wayne, New Jersey, received a call that there was a break-in at 7 p.m. Sunday night. A malfunctioning lock could have let anyone walk in and take anything they wanted.

But these teens opted to look for a clerk, wave at the cameras, and pay for everything they took. The best part is that they even included the sales tax. After leaving the money, they went to a Rite-Aid next door and told an employee what they had done.


This may be a small act of kindness, but there certainly aren't enough "feel-good" news stories out there, especially about teens, so let's just go with it. These guys deserve all this praise and more.

"I think it's terrific that there are still people out there with moral character not to do the wrong thing when they easily could," said Marci Lederman, who works at the store.

And the four William Paterson University football players are so damn modest about the whole thing. They said that they didn't think they did anything special. Kell'E Gallimore, one of the foursome, described that he had no idea their noble act would soon make national news.

"Soon as I went on my laptop it was right there, front page," he said. "I was smiling because I was, like, world famous."

World famous is right! They were even interviewed by Today:

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Kell'E, along with Jelani Bruce, Anthony Biondi, and Thomas James, are making everyone proud, particularly their own parents. Kudos to their parents for raising these guys right! And they were also rewarded for their good consciences: They were treated to their own $50 shopping spree this past Tuesday.

Here's some more on the story. Looks like these four guys are going to grow up to become very decent, amazing, kind-hearted men.

Are you surprised by how much attention this story is getting? What do you think of these four young men?

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