Beyond the Talk About Underage Drinking: Keeping Kids Safe

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In addition to having an ongoing dialogue with kids about underage drinking, parents can give their children tools to help empower them to make smart choices, even under pressure.

  1. Have them sign a contract. Put in writing their commitment to not drinking -- including a promise never to drive drunk, or be the passenger in a car with a driver who’s been drinking -- as a concrete reminder of their promise.
  2. Give them back-up options. There should always be a backup plan, and kids should be comfortable using it. If they or their ride home has engaged in underage drinking, remind them they can always call you to either be their ride or help arrange one in a pinch. Enter the number of a local taxi company in their phone as a backup plan to get home safely. 
  3. Arm them with ways to resist peer pressure. Just saying “No thanks” may not be enough, so rehearse some lines they can use. They can even use a super-strict parental consequence as an excuse (“My mom ALWAYS KNOWS and she’ll take away my license if I get caught!”). If nothing works, they should walk away and remove themselves from the situation. Being assertive and confident will serve them well here -- if they seem passive or wishy-washy, the pressure could continue.

What tips would you give your child to avoid being pressured into underage drinking?


For more tips about talking to kids about underage drinking, click here to download a helpful guide for parents. Or join the conversation on the Anheuser-Busch Family Talk About Drinking Facebook page.

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