Miss Teen USA Hacked By Creep Who Got a Look Inside Her Bedroom

Miss Teen USA Cassidy WolfParents, beware! A newly crowned Miss Teen USA has been caught in a nude photo scandal, and it could happen to your kids. It seems someone hacked into beauty queen Cassidy Wolf's webcam. They got into the teenager's bedroom!

As if the baby monitor hacking story of this past week wasn't scary enough? Now we've got creepers looking into our kids' bedrooms?


The FBI is involved, and they say the hacker is trying to blackmail the 19-year-old who recently won her crown in Southern California. The authorities have dubbed this "sextortion," a case involving sexual images being used as blackmail material, and they say Wolf is not the only one who has been hit.

The hacker allegedly got into both Wolf's personal computer and her webcam, although it's not being made clear whether the nude photos are all ones that existed on her computer or are also images created by accessing her webcam. Either way, it's a warning to parents. Make sure your kids aren't changing their clothes in front of their webcams! And make sure everything is locked up tight.

Have you checked your kids' webcams lately to be sure they're secured?


Image via Splash News


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