5 T-Shirts Guaranteed to Get Your Kid Sent to the Principal's Office (PHOTOS)

schoolsuxBack-to-school shopping time is here once again, as you know all too well -- an experience that comes with a very unique set of challenges if you have a teen (or tween). Basically, those challenges are: 1) Coming up with the vast sums of money required to cover both all the items on that ridiculously long school supplies list and new clothes, and 2) making sure those new clothes are at least sort of appropriate for school.

Teens have ideas of their own, see, and those ideas aren't always the brightest, particularly when it comes to the length of their shorts and/or the questionable content of their graphic tee. No parent wants to get that dreaded call from the principal's office over some "unacceptable" article of clothing -- least of all one that you gave your kid money to buy. 

So before you fork over the cash for a trip to the mall, make sure your kid knows NOT to spend it on one of these 5 t-shirts, the wearing of which would guarantee an unpleasant conversation between you and some sort of school official. Good luck!

Image via urbanoutfitters.com

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