Teacher Takes Kid Out of Class to Get His Private Parts Pierced

needleHere's a nightmare story for parents. A teacher took a teenage student to have his genitals pierced. Talk about crossing a major line, y'all.

And I'm not just talking about the rather, ahem, personal nature of this teen's new jewelry. I don't care where my kid is getting a new hole in her body; I want to be there!


The parents in this case out of South Africa are almost lucky it was a teacher. The school is taking care of disciplining the educator for crossing the line, and there are possible criminal charges pending.

But what if it isn't a teacher? What if it's a relative? Or a friend? What do you do if another adult takes your kid to get pierced -- be it in the penis or just in the ears?

Here in the states, it's illegal in many states to pierce someone without their parent or legal guardian present, so you do have legal recourse ... if you want to go that route. Or you can simply cut the person out of your life and your kid's life.

But you have to do something, right?

Because piercing isn't a decision a kid should make without a parent weighing in. It's not a decision kids should take lightly. It can be dangerous (God forbid the piercer's equipment isn't very clean or they aren't adept at piercing), and depending on the placement of the piercing or the quality of the piercing, it can be permanent.

Permanent is not something we want to attribute with teenage choices. These are the kids who thought Justin Bieber was cool last week. This week it's Twerking. Next week, who knows ... but it will most certainly be something completely different.

Teenagehood is all about impermanence.

It's about impulsivity.

It's about making choices ... and then changing your mind five minutes later.

It's about being dumb enough to think getting your penis pierced is a good idea.

Which is why teenagers still have parents. And why we get to make the decisions about what they pierce -- not other random adults ... not even teachers.

What would you do if someone took your kid to get a piercing?


Image via acidpix/Flickr

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