Powerful Video Shows What the World Looks Like to Someone With Autism (VIDEO)

carly's cafe Autism is a perplexing disorder, even to parents of children on the spectrum. Try as they may to understand exactly what their child is going through, it can seem like an impossible feat. Well, 18-year-old autism activist Carly Fleischmann wants to help us all understand how she and others like her see the world. She has created a video that provides a shocking snapshot into her life and the frustrations she feels when her body won't let her voice be heard. I promise, you have never seen anything like it.


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The video depicts an outing to a coffee shop with her father and sister. Carly, who was diagnosed with severe autism, cognitive delay, and oral apraxia at age 2, has opinions that she just can't express. As she describes it, "Autism has locked me inside a body I cannot control." This shows you her perspective of what is happening and her interactions with everyone, including the weary barista and the perplexed customers.

Heartbreaking, isn't it. Carly and so many other kids with autism have so much to say, but they simply can't say it. This video certainly sheds a profound light on what they go through. It breaks my heart they have to endure this. It's so important for the rest of the world to be aware of their frustrations and struggles.

What is your reaction to Carly's video?

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