Inspirational CoverGirl Talia Castellano Loses Battle to Cancer at Age 13 (VIDEO)

Talia Joy CastellanoTalia Joy Castellano, the little girl diagnosed with neuroblastoma and leukemia who was well-known for her amazing makeup tutorials, passed away this morning at age 13. It's heartbreaking, to say the least. The inspirational teen was named a CoverGirl back in 2012 on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and has been video blogging about both her makeup tips and her cancer status for a little over a year now.

Castellano posted her last vlog (as she liked to call them) one month ago from her hospital bed talking about her intense pain, radiation treatment, and severe anxiety. And as sad as the loss must be for her family and all of the people she touched through her creativity and bright spirit, it's so heartwarming to see her just as optimistic and outgoing in her last video as she was in her very first.

Her parents ... they raised an amazing daughter.


Talia's blogs showcased a confident girl, despite losing her hair. Sure, she touched on the subject of cancer often; however, she was more concerned with educating her YouTube followers on new makeup tips and trends, and loved to give step-by-step tutorials.

It was clear through the comments on Talia's YouTube channel that viewers appreciated her spirit. I know I sure did. There she was, a beautiful young woman showing me how to clean makeup brushes instead of bumming around about her condition. That is a strength that is admirable. That is a daughter that had positive role models as parents. That is the clear display of a girl who had a positive outlook and a heart of gold.

Today, we remember Talia. Watch her last vlog detailing her cancer treatment, here:

Are you inspired by Talia's story?


Image via taliajoy18/YouTube

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