7 Reasons I'd Never Homeschool My Teen

booksI recently came across the story of a Tesca Fitzgerald, who, at 12, is getting ready to start college and plans to be working her Ph.D. by age 16. Her proud mother credited her daughter's genius to the fact that she was homeschooled. Amazing, right? But I have to tell you, that is as impressive as it is crazy. It made me wonder if I could homeschool my teen or pre-teen. With the cost of private school in New York City, the idea is an attractive one. But I quickly came to my senses and here's why. Check out the 7 reasons I'd never home school my teen.

  1. I could probably get him through algebra and geometry, but we'd both need a tutor when it came to calculus. Sure, I took it in high school but it was in one ear and out the other as soon as the final was finished.
  2. I can't imagine his first intense classroom setting being a college lecture. Talk about intimidating.
  3. We'd get sick of each other by week four two. 
  4. When he complains about his bitchy teacher, he'll be talking about me.
  5. When I complain about my crappy job, I'll be talking about him.
  6. I can't teach him the same survival instincts you learn navigating your way though mean girls, jocks, geeks, or whichever else cliques exist these days.
  7. I'm not a trained educator. Parents love to complain about their kids' teachers but it's a tough job. Probably one of the toughest. It's a combo of instructor, counselor, soother, conflict resolution expert, and motivator. How exhausting is that?!

I tip my hat to all those moms and dads who successfully homeschool their children. It's clearly not something every parent can do.

Do you think you could homeschool your teen?


Image via amber dawn pullin/Flickr

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